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We Are Pocket College. A Creative College Management System Based in Bangalore.

Pocket College is an enterprise class, next gen cloud or SAAS based Student Information System and Education Institution Management solution that leverages market leading design principles developed by today's most popular websites such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. The result is innovative user interface that aids advanced functionality. Pocket College offers a complete suite of innovative functionality that Schools, Higher Education Colleges. Universities can manage online in the cloud with no risk offering high availability service needed to meet today's stringent compliance standards.

Why Choose Us ?

Pocket College is a comprehensive College management and administrative Web Software that is highly beneficial to educational institutions. Using this Web Software you can monitor the overall working of your whole institution and have a control over its day-to day activities. In addition, parents can also use this Web Software to keep track of their Children's performance at College.

The Pocket College community edition has been made available to the public, and anyone can download this version from our site or Play Store and get an idea about all the basic features offered by this Web Software. We have made it open source so that if anyone is interested they can better the coding of the Web Software.

Our  Major Features

Pocket College is an easy to access, user-friendly and a powerful College Management Web Software that provides the benefits to everyone to achieve excellence. It’s the one and only integrated Web Software with a multi-user interface, you will ever need to take care of all departments. It is important for the management, while the students, teachers and parents can gain excellence by using it.

The product you acquire from us has been designed to adopt to a range of platform, to make our services accessible to you wherever you may be. Our product’s flexibility allow you to access them through tablets or mobile phones, whichever suits your style.